Monday, 31 October 2016

Kubernets Training Course


Kubernetes is an open source orchestration system for container based distributed applications. Originally created by Google based on principles from its internal orchestration system (e.g Borg), Kubernetes is now developed on GitHub, it provides several level of fault-tolerance, scalability and useful primitives that go beyond the single container concept.
Introduction to Kubernetes will provide you with an understanding of Linux containers, their benefits and shortcomings, and how Kubernetes can resolve these issues through scheduling and orchestration.
We have two courses on Kubernetes...
Kubernetes Fundamentals
Number of Day - 1
This course covers the foundations of the Kubernetes platform
Kubernetes Advance and Operations 
Number of Day - 2
This also course covers topics to help you operate a Kubernetes application environment.

Kubernetes Core Concepts – Networking, Storage, and Advanced Services
  1. Kubernetes networking
  2. Networking Pods for Container Connectivity
  3. Creating a Multinode Kubernetes Cluster
  4. Starting Containers on a Kubernetes Cluster with Pods
  5. Taking Advantage of Labels for Querying Kubernetes
  6. Using a Replication Controller to Manage the Number of Replicas of a Pod
  7. Running Multiple Containers in a Pod
  8. HandsOn Session
Kubernetes UI
  1. Building a Google Scale Application
  2. Scale a service up to 100 nodes in 1 second
  3. HandsOn Session

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